Filters Update

Hi folks,

I've just published the latest update for Jettomero. This is the first update that isn't just bug fixes or minor improvements. I've added a number of new filters to photo mode along with the ability to tweak each photo mode filter in its own way (hue, contrast, brightness etc). Perhaps the craziest part of this new update is the ability to play the game using whichever filter you want. 

I really like the way the game looks already but it made sense to me to leave it up to the player to decide how they want their game to look. Go ahead and enter photo mode, play with the filters until you find something you like, and when you back out again that filter will remain active for you to continue playing the game.

Another update included that some players may appreciate is that keyboard controls now also support mouse for camera control. This has been a requested feature and I'm happy to finally make it a possibility. It may still require some tuning but I'm hoping that given some player feedback we can get it all working nicely. Another keyboard control change worth pointing out is that ESC and ENTER keys now double function for Q and E keys, and the main menu access has switched to use Spacebar.

Thanks for checking out the latest update and I look forward to seeing more amazing screen captures using the new filters!



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Sep 29, 2017

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