Early December Update! What's new?

Hi Folks!

I've been busy working on porting Jettomero to a new platform but I've been fixing some things up and adding a few new things that are definitely worth checking out. A brief list of some of the changes you'll notice:

- 5 new photo mode filters (some of my favourites so far including LED, low-fi and dashed).

- New photo mode features including a camera light toggle, poses, and quick access to the parts screen.

- Improved shaders - the game should be a little sharper after a recent improvement I made.

- Completely replaced the text system (this was to deal with an issue I was having with my port).

- One new planet type (island planet).

I've tried to test everything as much as possible but since I've changed a lot of things recently it is possible that something broke and I didn't catch it (especially something related to text). I've also tested across different languages but you may notice some words are still in English. I'll be doing another round of translations soon but I'm waiting until I get a couple other new things added since it's more cost/time effective to do larger batches of translations.

Please let me know if you run into any issues, but most importantly I hope you enjoy these latest changes! Be sure to try playing with the new filters - the game looks really cool in LED mode!


Linux.zip 183 MB
Dec 04, 2017
OSX.zip 172 MB
Dec 04, 2017
Windows.zip 170 MB
Dec 04, 2017

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