Sneq - Polyrhythm Pattern Generator

Sneq is an experimental oscillator less focused on tonality and more on rhythm. By playing with Sneq you'll quickly discover exciting and dynamic patterns emerging at each press of a key.

Basic Parameters:

Shape Knob - Introduces a 5th into each key.

Shift Shape Knob - Adjusts the tempo of the pattern when not overriding using the LFO->Shape (explained more below)

Seq Length - Adjust this between 1 and 16 to set the number of steps in each sequence. Changing this value will update all active sequences to extend or contract accordingly.

Offset Range - Moving this value above 1 will introduce a chance for each key to offset the sequence length (according to the Offset Units value). A value of 2 will have a 50% chance of extending or contracting the sequence by the Offset Units amount, and so on. This value will only take effect when starting a note, so it will not change active sequences. Random values that end up below 1 or above 16 will be clamped.

Offset Units - Between 1 and 8, this will affect the number of steps that can be offset at a time. IE. A sequence length of 8 with an Offset Range of 3 and Offset Units of 2 will mean any given key sequence could be either 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 steps long. This value has no effect while the Offset Range is set to the default of 1.

Octaves - Incrementing this value will introduce a chance for any note in a new sequence to be pitched up by any number of octaves provided.

Silent Bias - At 0%, each step in a sequence has a 50% chance of triggering. Increasing this to 100% will reduce this chance to 0%.

OSC Type - Scroll through a small selection of different tones to use.

You can sync the patterns to the BPM by setting your LFO to BPM, increasing the INT knob to max while assigning it to shape, and ensuring this LFO is faster than the internal rate you have set for by the Shift Shape value. Also note that the decay on each step in the sequence is affected by the Shift Shape rate, so you may want to adjust it in addition to the main BPM LFO.

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Nov 05, 2020

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