Clang - A Metallic Oscillator

Clang is a weird detuned oscillator that I started creating a while back and finally revisited to flesh it out properly. It's great for bell sounds and more atonal stuff, but had a good range of flexibility as well.

Clang features 3 sine wave oscillators that can be detuned to create unusual but pleasing tones.

Here's the basic controls:

Shape -> Adjust the scaling on the detune of the secondary and tertiary  oscillators. At 0, the 3 oscillators will phase with one another, creating interesting evolving patterns. The nature of the oscillator will shift dramatically once the shape knob is turned up.

Shift+Shape -> This will adjust the tuning on the primary oscillator, which will allow you to tune your bell sounds if you find they've drifted from the notes you want to be playing.


Tone 1 -> Adjust the tune of the secondary oscillator.

Tone 2 -> Adjust the tune of the tertiary oscillator.

Random -> 1 is off, 2 is on. When Random is enabled, the tune of the extra oscillators will be randomized each time a key is pressed.

Envelope -> 1 is off, turn up the Envelope parameter to introduce a decay on the amplitude of the whole oscillator. The envelope will start very short, turn up the value for a longer decay.

Retrigger -> 1 is off, 2 is on. When Retrigger is enabled, the envelope will be retriggered as soon as the decay reaches zero. This value will have no effect if the Envelope parameter is set to 1 (disabled).

Rattle -> While the Envelope and Retrigger values are enabled, turning up the Rattle parameter will introduce random wait times between each retrigger. The higher the Rattle value is, the longer the wait time can be.


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Oct 14, 2021

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