Step - Per-key Arpeggiator

Step - an experimental user oscillator for the logue family


Shape - Changes the step rate.

Shift - Adds a ‘decay’ to each step’s amplitude.

Interval - Changes how many semi-tones are applied for each step.

Range - Changes how many times the voice will step up by the set interval before restarting.

Scale Mode - Lock the intervals into key (unquantized, Major, Minor, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Interval+Octave) - note this only puts the intervals into the key for that particular note being played.

Step Mode - Switch between several different types of step sequences (Ascending, Descending, Random, Off)

Probability - A higher probability will give a chance for a step to hold over instead of changing.

OSC Type - Switch between Sine, Tri, and Square waves.

LFO->Shape - Turn down the shape knob to 0 to stop the internal LFO and set the main LFO INT above 50% to use the device’s main LFO to increment the steps, allowing for BPM sync and more.


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