Waver - A Warbly Mod Effect

I've been wanting to make something like this for a long time but the custom FX have proven more difficult for me to figure out. So I'm pleased to be able to release the first of my custom FX for the logue family. The basic idea behind this one is to add a warbly pitch to the outgoing sound (similar to my Warped oscillator). 

The major benefits of having this available as a mod effect instead of a user oscillator is that it allows the sound to be used on any other user oscillators, the analog voices, and for processing external signals (which I haven't been able to try yet).

The 'Time' knob controls the main LFO modulating the pitch - turning this value up introduces two additional LFOs which multiply to modulate the rate of the first LFO. So lower values will have a smoother/slower sweep to the pitch, while higher values will introduce much more chaos into the rate of the modulation.

The 'Depth' knob controls the amount of pitch modulation. For most instances you probably won't want to go much past the 50% mark.

As always, I'd love to hear any feedback or thoughts on this effect so I can tweak and tune it, and make more in the future. Thanks for your support!


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Feb 02, 2021

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Hello there, I love your effects and oscillators, I lover the richness of the waver, but I'm having a little issue with it: I create my patch, I add the waver to the patch, I save it, but later, when I return to the patch the effect is not activated, so what I have been doing is go to effects choose the effect again, tweak the knobs and there is again. Why is not saving? Any idea?

Thank you!


Hi Gina,

I'm curious if that happens for all custom fx or if it's just something about the ones I made. What synth are you running this on? I have my prologue packed up at the moment but I can try testing this when I have a chance if this bug is specifically related to the waver effect.



Thank you for the quick response. 

I ran that test a few minutes ago with one of the on board modulation effects, and it didn't save it either. Now, I'm sure  the issue is not related to your effect, which I love. I think the issue is related to that specific patch, because I started a patch from scratch and I could save the waver effect. Something is going on in that specific patch that doesn't allow me to save any modulation effect, its' so strange. I must have change something globally that prevents me from saving these changes to it.

Keep the great work. Your oscillators and effect have expanded the sonic palette of this awesome synth. Finally, If you happen to think of a reason why this might be happening, let me know. I ran out of scenarios.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Happy holidays!


That sounds very strange! I'm not sure why a particular patch would have that kind of issue saving a setting like that, but I'm glad to hear other patches were working as expected, and that it's not just my effects that are causing the issue.

So nice to hear that my oscillators and effects have been useful to you!

All the best!