Lapse - Stacked-LFO Drone Generator

Lapse - an experimental polyrhythmic user oscillator for the logue family

Lapse uses 3 multiplied LFOs to modulate the amplitude of each voice. These lfos can be offset from one another in various proportions, resulting in a wide range of behaviours including sequential playback, evolving polyrhythms, and complex drones.


Shape - Adjust the timbre of the voice.

Shift - Changes the first LFO’s rate.

LFO Type - Switch the LFO types between sine, triangle, saw, and square. Sine and triangle LFOs will have smoother and softer sounds, square will have punchy notes, and saw is a blend between those characteristics. The 5th and 6th LFOs are triangle and saw, but are multiplied by themselves, making the curves drop-off quicker.

16ths 1 - Changes the rate of the second LFO relative to the first LFO. The units are in 16ths, so setting the rate here to 16 will cause the LFO to mirror the first one. Subdivisions and multiples of 16 will provide more stable rhythms, where other values will lead to more chaotic polyrhythms.

16ths 2 - Changes the rate of the third LFO relative to the first LFO. The units are also in 16ths.

Poly Offset - When set above 1, the 2nd and 3rd LFO rates will have a chance of randomly being offset each time a note is played. The units are also in 16ths, but 1 = 0, so to have a stable offset of 16, you’ll want to set this to 17 for example.

Poly Range - Each time you play a note, there’s a chance the second and third LFO rates will be offset by the Poly Offset multiplied by a random value from 1 to the Poly Range. A higher Poly Range increases the chance of the offset occurring.

Secondary - Setting this above 1 will cause the inverted amplitude of the main voice to be applied to a second oscillator, using a pitch interval offset of this Secondary value. For example, setting this value to 7 will cause the voice to shift between the root note and a 7th.

LFO->Shape - The intensity of the LFO will affect the rate of the oscillator’s internal LFO, allowing for drifting sequences. Turning off LFO key sync or LFO voice sync will provide further options for complex drones.


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