Warped - BoC-Inspired Lo-fi Oscillator

Warped - a lo-fi user oscillator for the logue family inspired by Boards of Canada


Shape - Changes the shape of the oscillator, as well as switching between a sine, tri, and square wave.

Shift - Adjusts the depth of a per-voice LFO on the osc amplitude.

Noise -  Introduces and adjusts the amplitude of a white noise signal into each voice.

Flutter - Adjusts the depth of a white noise signal on the osc pitch.

Wow - Adjusts the depth of a random detune on each voice.

Slew - Adjusts the smoothness at which the Wow value will transition to new values.

Rate - Adjusts the rate at which the Wow value will change randomly.

Phase - Activating this value will introduce a micro-difference of pitch between two signals in the osc voice, causing phasing of the signal to cut out at random intervals.

LFO-Shape - Assigning the main LFO to the Shape value will add movement to the shape of the oscillator.



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Nov 06, 2020

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Warped is amazing, probably my favourite custom oscillator. i have to get this too. 

Wow, I LOVE this! Bought the Ghost Time pack just for Warped :-) I have pretty much all of the custom oscs and most effects out there and this may be my favorite. Super useful and full of character. Thanks for making it! :-) I only wish Korg had dedicated more control knobs for the custom oscs... the menu diving sucks :-/

Thanks for your support Stakker! I think I might have initially started digging into the custom  oscillator stuff just so I could make these sounds - I'm really happy that other people are connecting with it too. I wouldn't be surprised if Korg expands the dedicated knobs on future devices now that they've seen there's a community ready to create content for it.