Slinky - A Modulated Delay Effect

Here's a fun new custom delay for your Logue synthesizer. It seems to work well as a weird harmonic filter, a phaser, a chorus, and a delay. It's a multi-tap delay, with the second delay being 200% faster than the initial line.

Time - Controls the delay length. Low values will bring you into phaser and chorus realms, whereas you'll get a more recognizable delay with higher values. For some reason that I haven't been able to determine yet, turning the Time knob past 75% desyncs the stereo and starts glitching a little (you'll notice some small clicking in one channel too).

Depth - Changes how dramatically the delay time is modulated by the internal LFO. At faster delay time can handle higher values here, whereas you'll start to get some nightmarish cascading delays with high modulation for longer delay times.

Shift+Depth - Changes the rate of the internal LFO. I'd recommend turning it way down at first for less chaotic modulation.

In lower values, the Time knob can cause significant shifts in the sound - try experimenting with all the settings to find weird new filters.


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Feb 04, 2021

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