October Update - All Around Improvements

It feels like it's been another productive month. A lot of solid improvements across many areas of the game in addition to some fun new additions. Here's a little outline of the last month of development:

- A few new titan upgrades unlocked through reaching mastery scores on select stages.

- Titan Upgrade inheritance through Cross-breeding. I only realized this month that this was a great addition to the cross-breeding behaviour and the ability to stack parent upgrades on a new child titan really expands the potential of titans and adds some extra depth to the later game.

- Titans now gain research XP based on time spent in the field instead of being tied to damage. This creates a more consistent experience across different stages and titan sizes.

- New filters option and an update default filter - players can choose how the game looks and the standard look is much more textural.

- Added support for remapping keys for keyboard controls (also gamepad). This was a much needed feature for keyboard based players so I hope it provides more flexibility and a better experience. 

- Updated mutation algorithm should result in better titan shapes.

- Better mission intro/outro treatments.

- 7 new mission music tracks!

These are some of the most notable changes from the last month, but there's also many smaller fixes and tweaks that went in. I'm feeling really good about where things are at this month and I'm looking forward to advancing things even further in the coming month.

Also, for all key holders, I've added a link to a massive archive of all screenshots and gifs of the game I've ever made since the first prototypes back in May of 2018. There's plenty to browse through here so this is a bit of a bonus for anyone interested.


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A History in Pictures and GIFS
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