January Update - Preparing for Final

It's a late update compared to my previous monthly updates but with the winter holidays in the middle I wanted to make sure I got everything updated that needed to be for this update. At this point, I'm expecting that the next public update will be a finished game, so this is really getting close, with most of the final work still to go in revolving around polish and the story. I'm feeling pretty good about things, and I've been playing the game plenty.

Here's a quick point breakdown of what's new on top of numerous fixes and improvements:

- Added the ability to eat humans!

- Grabbing a helicopter will give you a bit of a lift...

- Titans leave footprints

- 7 new missions!

- New 'Lab Token' system used for upgrades instead of the old $ funding system. This simplifies the currency and balances/scales the rewards in each stage to encourage players to replay any mission and not just the levels with the most buildings.

- New 'Mastery' scores based on my own highest scores. These should now be a real challenge while basic mission completion goals shouldn't be too difficult for new players (although some of the Act 5 missions are tough - but not without exploits).

I'm not sure yet when I'll have the next update completed, but I'm happy to address any concerns or feedback in the mean time. I also don't yet know what post-release support will look like (since it will be heavily based on whether the game finds an audience) but I do hope to continue to build on the game following the official launch.


TTT_linux.zip 241 MB
Jan 17, 2020
TTT_mac.zip 223 MB
Jan 17, 2020
TTT_win.zip 220 MB
Jan 17, 2020

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