June 2020 - Updates

Hi folks,

I recently made the decision to pull my paid games from Steam in protest of Valve's hands-off approach to moderating racist, sexist, and otherwise toxic communities that exist on their platform.

Seeing itch rally so quickly and effectively to aid positive causes in their Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality was inspiring and made me realize that we can and should expect more from online game stores.

Unfortunately, the bundle caught me off-guard timing-wise, so when hundreds of people picked up Test Tube Titans here, I hadn't updated the game in a month or two. I'm posting here to let everyone know that I just uploaded the very latest versions now, so it should be on parity with what was previously available on Steam.

Thanks for your interest!

All the best,



TTT_mac.zip 244 MB
Jun 15, 2020
TTT_linux.zip 262 MB
Jun 15, 2020
TTT_win.zip 240 MB
Jun 15, 2020

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Good on you! I'm definitely not a fan of Steam. Buy all my games here and on GOG and Humble (what few DRM-free titles they sell).