July Update - Co-op Campaign

It was a bit of an irregular month because I had a different (old contract) project I had to put some time into, so I lost several weeks to that. The good news is that some big changes still made it into the game for this update - the biggest change being support for local co-op in the campaign mode. You can now have your friend join you on any mission to double your destructive capabilities and if you work together as a team you can cover way more ground.

I managed to add 2 new levels for this update, and made a significant change to how/when enemies show up. Enemy waves are now entirely timer-based, which should make help missions clearer and more predictable.

There's a lot of smaller UI tweaks, fixes and improvements in this version which really do make a big difference in the experience. It's one of those things that just needs some hands-on time with the game to realize which things need some adjustments.

Finally, just yesterday I added support for an experimental camera system that attempts to make the action more cinematic. While there's still a few things to work out in here I think it's a promising start to a fun new way to enjoy the game.

I'll be showing the game at an expo at the end of the month, so I'll be putting some more time into VS modes this month, as well as creating an appropriate demo build.

If you're a returning player I hope you enjoy these latest changes and if you're just showing up to the party... things just keep getting better.


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Jul 05, 2019
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Jul 05, 2019

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This snap of the creature on top of the building made me think how cool it would be to see an obstacle course-style level wherein the player has to traverse various buildings and architecture doing as little damage as possible. Teetering structures or spinning objects that send your creature out of control briefly could add to the challenge. Maybe in VS the person w/the least amount of damage wins. Also, what if there was a Jenga tower-looking building and players have to remove parts trying not to make the building collapse (there could be a movable/raisable platform that holds the creature and that the player controls)? Your snap inspired a lot of ideas! Now I want to scale a building!

Yes! I've been wanting to do a Jenga-inspired mode. That could be fun. I also added a slight obstacle course level in my current version which is essentially a hurdle race to reach the end as quickly as possible, but I like the idea of more 'american gladiator'-style hazards. Will need to play around with that.


I'd love to hear your electronic rendition of the iconic AG theme song for that level lol