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I originally launched the level editor for Test Tube Titans as a standalone tool for anyone itching to get their hands on some initial gameplay. Unfortunately almost nobody (4 people to be exact) jumped on it, and I don't know if anyone of those people even played it. In all regards this attempt to create and engage a community failed.

Fast-forward several months and my increasing anxiety about the main project's viability has had me dancing a fine line of despair at times. After 11 months of development, things are coming together nicely and I'm still just as committed to spending the rest of 2019 developing this game (with the aim of hitting a completed version), but at the end of the year I'll need to assess whether it's something I continue to support. So I've made the decision to make the current version of the game publicly available in its entirety (albeit with a limited number of keys for now).

One of my intentions with this project was to avoid a lot of the mistakes that I made when developing Jettomero. Despite having some wonderful fans, the fact that Jettomero also reviewed poorly across many sites has unfortunately stuck with me, and it's very important to me on Test Tube Titans to make sure I listen to all views about what the game could or should be. As a solo developer working in isolation, it's essential to me that I cultivate a community going forward and do my best to align my targets to expectations (within reason). From the start, I wanted Test Tube Titans to be a social game so I think it needs to start now.

As the game continues to develop each month, I'll be updating the build, raising the price incrementally, and opening up new keys for purchase. The fact is that I can't make this game alone. I think I have something fun and exciting here and I'm hoping you'll join me over the next 9 months as I push to make this game everything it can be.

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